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  • Description Name: Distributor Y7Y007(86V) for Cube U25GT JQ070-004-B-FPC(86V) Touch Digitizer
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      Display specifications :           

Condition : Brand New
Brand :     CHINA BRAND
Part Number :    
Y7Y007(86V)   FM700405KA  PB70A8508  CZY6334
Size :  7"
Resolution:   Tablet  Touch Digitizer For Tablet 
Surface :   Glare
 Aspect Ratio : Widescreen
 Packing : Antistatic bag and Box


if the damage the Touch Digitizer ,pls take out the Glass touch when u open the Glass ,pls check the Touch Digitizer Cable ,

show the Cable Part Number ,if same as my website  ,so you can buy on it 

          Compatibility :  

PB70A8508 CZY6334 FM700405KA Y7Y007(86V) TPC0571 VER1.0

1:TYF1039               2:FHX            

3:DPT 300-N3803K-A00-V1.0  4:FM700405KA    

5:Y7Y007(86V)            6:YC 86V           

7:YCF0119               8:ZL-DRTP_86VB-AFPC  

9:ZHC   ZHW             10:PB70A8508 

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