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  • Description Name: 14.0" replacement led LP140WHU-TPA1 LP140WHU-TPB2
  • Descripiton Part Number:
  • LCD Panel Part number: 1366*768
  • Stock Qty: Matte and Glossy
  • Price:


14.0" replacement led LP140WHU-TPA1 SLIM LED
Display specifications:                                             
Condition : Brand New
Brand :  LG Display
Part Number :   LP140WHU-TPA1
Size :  14.0"
Resolution : 1366*768
Backlight Type  : LED Slim
Surface :  Matte and Glossy
Aspect Ratio : Widescreen
Packing : Antistatic bag and Box
Description : Thin-film transistor (TFT) Active-matrix Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
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